Monday, January 31, 2011

Snowy Coverings

Moscow Smolensky Boulevard Study   Wassily Kandinsky
 Feathery Snow
by Annette Wynne
Feathery snow, floating all day 
Down on the heads of the children at play, 
Coming first slowly, then thickly and fast,
As if the snowing would never be past;
Creeping on curls and blouses and faces.
Filling the chinks in all sorts of places,
Freezing the poor bird with no place to go.
Are you not sorry, O feathery snow? 

Feathery snow, floating all night, 
Aren't you happy again for the light? 
All through the dark you were falling and creeping, 
While little children were safe in bed sleeping; 
But where is the poor bird with no place to go? 
Did you not pity him shivering so? 
Where did he hide him, O feathery snow?

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