Friday, October 15, 2010

A Romp After the Harvest is In

Dance of the Majos at  the Banks of Manzanar  Francisco DeGoya
                      Old English Song

Come, Roger and Nell,
Come, Simpkin and Bell,
Each lad with his lass hither come;
With singing and dancing,
And pleasure advancing,
To celebrate harvest-home!

Our labour is o'er,
Our barns, in full store,
Now swell with rich gifts of the land;
Let each man then take,
For the prong and the rake,
His can and his lass in his hand.

No courtier can be
So happy as we,
In innocence, pastime, and mirth;
While thus we carouse,
With our sweetheart or spouse,
And rejoice o'er the fruits of the earth.

'Tis Ceres bids play,
And keep holiday,
To celebrate harvest-home!
Harvest-home! Harvest-home!
To celebrate harvest-home!

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